Keesing Offers Free Identification Services to COVID-19 Responders

Keesing Offers Free Identification Services to COVID-19 Responders

Keesing Technologies is offering free identity verification services to essential organizations that are working to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. The announcement makes Keesing the latest identity specialist to offer free services in support of those organizations.

In that regard, Keesing adds its name to a list that already includes Yoti, Jumio, and Onfido. Keesing itself is best known for its AuthentiScan suite, which utilizes document recognition and biometrics to facilitate the remote onboarding of customers and employees.

According to Keesing, digital identity verification will simplify the onboarding process and allow organizations to dedicate more energy to their primary objectives. It will also reduce the need for in-person contact, which is an important health and safety consideration during a pandemic.

“We are determined to help these organizations in the fight against the virus by making their screening and verification processes as smooth and reliable as possible,” said Keesing Managing Director Mike Krechting. “Whether it comes to volunteers and temporary workers in healthcare, law enforcement, or business, we want to be there to relieve the burden.”

Organizations that take advantage of the Keesing offer will have the full support of the company, which is to say that Keesing will help those organizations set up AuthentiScan and integrate it into their existing infrastructure. Keesing introduced selfie onboarding in December with the release of a new web API for the AuthentiScan platform.