Kony Enhances its Quantum Platform with Okta’s Adaptive MFA

Kony Enhances its Quantum Platform with Okta's Adaptive MFA

Kony has formed a partnership with Okta to simplify the identity management process for new and existing Kony customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Kony will be integrating Okta’s security products into its Kony Quantum low code development platform, as well as its Kony DBX digital banking suite.

For Kony Quantum users, the highlight is likely to be Okta’s suite of adaptive multifactor authentication features, which will allow institutions to add support for biometrics, YubiKey, and other forms of identity verification into their digital infrastructure. The result is a user-friendly, comprehensive solution that will increase security while reducing the identity management burden for Kony customers.

“Okta is an ideal partner for Kony because we both serve similar customers in highly regulated industries that require maximum security protection, MFA, and data encryption,” said Kony Executive VP Burley Kawasaki.

“Okta-Kony customers can easily integrate Adaptive MFA experiences into their custom-built apps, opening up a whole new level of security features while also reducing – not increasing – the required administration and maintenance,” added Okta Senior VP Patrick McCue.

The news comes shortly after Okta formed a partnership with Secret Double Octopus, which will improve its password-free authentication services. Okta was previously listed as one of the partners in Kony’s Digital Banking Marketplace, and the new partnership will obviously solidify the relationship between the two companies.