Leaked Pics Indicate iPad Air 2 Will Use Biometric Tech

Touch IDNew photos posted on apple.club.tw purporting to show the new Apple iPad indicate that in addition to using a more powerful processor, it will also feature a new biometric security component, according to TechRadar’s Matt Hanson.

Many industry watchers have been expecting that Apple would introduce its new iPad at a media event it has organized for October 16, and the leaked photos appear to support that speculation. Judging by the technology on display in the photos, the new iPad seems to have space for a Touch ID home button – the same fingerprint-scanning technology used on the latest iteration of Apple’s iPhone. This comes as no surprise, of course, given Touch ID’s growing integration with various iPhone apps, including its forthcoming Apple Pay mobile e-commerce system; one would expect Apple to make this standard on all of its mobile devices as consumers grow accustomed to it as part of their everyday user experience.

The biometric security offered by Apple’s Touch ID has been generating a lot of excitement in the field, but industry watchers have also been a little puzzled over Apple’s recent termination of its partnership with GT Advanced Technologies, which had been thought to be the leading provider of the sapphire-based glass to be used in the new iPad – especially now that delays are expected in the product’s mass-production. Nevertheless, it’s clear enough that whenever consumers get their hands on their new iPads, they’re going to be scanning their fingers.