Lenovo Spinoff to Focus on Biometric Security

Lenovo has launched a spinoff company dedicated to the development of authentication security solutions. Called Online Biometric Authentication Ltd., it’s the China-based consumer electronics company‘s bid to become a major player in digital security, particularly for the China market.

Lenovo Launches Biometric Security SpinoffThe company is led by CEO Henry (Haixin) Chai, who is also head of the FIDO Alliance‘s China Working Group; Lenovo, meanwhile, is a co-founder of FIDO. Accordingly, at an event announcing the new company, Chai asserted that OBA’s goal is “to provide more advanced technologies and solutions to end users through stronger online authentication methods based on FIDO standards.”

No specific technological developments have yet been announced, but given the prominence of “Biometrics” in the company’s name, it’s a fair bet that that category of technology will be a major focus. In making it central to its spinoff’s mission, Lenovo may to some extent be following the lead of tech giant Microsoft, which has itself placed a big bet on biometrics for its new security architecture, most prominently in the case of the Windows Hello security platform. As a competitor in many of the same areas, Lenovo may use its spinoff to develop is own biometric security systems going forward, while also marketing such offerings to OEMs, enterprise clients, and perhaps even the Chinese government.

Source: China.org.cn

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)