Nuance Gatekeeper Combines Voice and Behavioral Biometrics to Fight Fraud

Biometrics News -Nuance Gatekeeper Combines Voice and Behavioral Biometrics to Fight Fraud

Nuance Communications has released a new cloud-based authentication solution that verifies people’s identities during voice and text interactions. Dubbed Nuance Gatekeeper, the platform combines Nuance’s ConversationPrint text authenticator with the voice recognition Lightning Engine and behavioral biometrics.

Together, the three technologies will empower enterprises to fight fraud across multiple channels, building detailed customer profiles and alerting companies whenever anomalous behavior (and a potential fraudster) is detected. ConversationPrint analyzes people’s grammar and vocabulary and notes any discrepancies in sentence structure and word choice, while the recently released Lightning Engine can authenticate someone’s voice in less than half a second.

Meanwhile, Gatekeeper’s cloud functionality ensures that the platform will be easy to integrate into existing systems. It will also allow for regular updates to offer protection against future threats as security algorithms continue to improve.

“With Gatekeeper, we bring AI to the forefront and combine traditional biometrics methods with some that are newer to market – and all of it is now accessible in a cloud-native environment,” said Nuance Security Business GM Brett Beranek.

“Organizations of all sizes are fighting to stay ahead of fraudsters and the increasing threat posed by synthetic impersonation,” added Opus Research Lead Analyst Dan Miller. “Companies find cloud-native security models to be more attractive because they are accessible, scalable and offer access to real-time updates to the newest fraud-fighting algorithms.”

The news comes shortly after Nuance upgraded its Intelligent Engagement Platform, which will help companies build their own conversational AI. Since then, Nuance’s automotive division was spun off as a separate corporate entity, a transition that formally went into effect on October 1 and will allow Nuance Communications to focus on AI technology.

Nuance also took home the prize for Best Application of AI in Financial Services at last month’s AIconics Awards.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)