Mobile ID World Is Gearing-Up For Live Mobile World Congress Coverage

With the Mobile World Congress right around the corner, the GSMA is outlining the four industry programmes of its GSMA Innovation City.

Mobile ID World Is Gearing Up For Live Mobile World Congress Coverage“Connected Living” will explore how mobile technology is the central element of the emerging Internet of Things, while “Personal Data” will delve into user authentication and mobile ID services, with a particular focus on the GSMA’s Mobile Connect platform. The “Network 2020” programme, meanwhile, will revolve around the evolution of 4G connectivity and the emergence of 5G technologies; and the “Mobile for Development” programme will focus on the socio-economic impact of mobile technologies, with a “Rural Village” demo area showcasing how smart technologies can help with things like irrigation and solar energy.

Innovation City will be up and running throughout Mobile World Congress, from February 27th to March 2nd. And as with last year’s event, Mobile ID World will be reporting live from Barcelona with breaking news and first-hand coverage, coinciding with Mobile Biometrics Month on our sister site FindBiometrics. We’ll also have special reports on the GLOMO awards, for which Mobile ID World’s Peter Counter has returned as an official judge.

It’s shaping up to be an even more exciting event than last year’s, so stay tuned for Mobile ID World’s extensive Mobile World Congress coverage.