LumenVox Brings Voice Recognition to SmilePass Authentication Platform

Biometric authentication platform provider SmilePass now supports voice recognition, thanks to the integration of technology from LumenVox.

The company’s platform is primarily based on facial recognition, which is combined with document reading to enable biometric authentication of end users. Now, voice recognition has been added to the system as a second factor, with the companies asserting in a statement that “the ability to be certain of a user’s identity and presence is now significantly enhanced.”

Elaborating on the integration, SmilePass CEO Grant Crow explained, “Including LumenVox voice technology means we’re able to offer very strong verification at reasonable prices and for both our organisations to benefit from our respective ecosystems.”

The integration news comes just about a week after LumenVox’s announcement that it had merged with voice biometrics specialist VoiceTrust. LumenVox has traditionally specialized in speech recognition technology, suggesting that much of the credit for the SmilePass integration goes to the merger.

The enhanced SmilePass solution will be showcased at next week’s IP Expo 2018 event in London, where LumenVox will be in attendance as well.