New MacBook Pro to Feature Power Button Touch ID: Report

Evidence is mounting that the next MacBook Pro will feature an OLED touch bar and Touch ID biometric authentication.

New MacBook Pro to Feature Power Button Touch ID: Report9to5Mac reports that a “source who has provided reliable information in the past” has confirmed recent rumors that the features will arrive on the new laptop, which is expected to launch this fall. The source also reportedly said that the fingerprint scanning system will be built into the device’s power button.

That would be an interesting design move. It could ensure that whenever the MacBook is powered on or off, it is the device’s primary user who is performing the actions, acting as biometric access control. On the other hand, it could prove awkward for use with Apple Pay: Apple is planning to bring its mPayment platform to web apps later this year, and since Apple Pay transactions are currently authorized via fingerprint scan, it would seem that bringing Touch ID to the MacBook would allow for Apple Pay transactions through the laptop; but users could be reluctant to press the laptop’s power button when trying to make a purchase online.

Of course, we have yet to see the specific mechanism for how a power button Touch ID would work, and Apple hasn’t officially confirmed anything about this. At the very least, though, it seems reasonable to expect Touch ID, and the OLED touch display bar, to arrive in some form with the new MacBook Pro.

Source: 9to5Mac