Maybank Adds Touch ID to Banking App

Maybank Chooses Biometrics For SpeedThough much is made of the security of biometrics, convenience is the true selling point when it comes to the consumer market. Particularly when it comes to operating on the confined space of a mobile device, biometric authentication is easier than password or PIN logins by a staggering amount. And that is precisely the reason Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) has added fingerprint recognition login to its mobile app.

Today the Kuala Lumpur-based bank announced that the Quick Touch service on its mobile app, Maybank2u, has incorporated biometric authentication on Apple devices. Available on every iOS device with a Touch ID sensor (the last three iPhones and the two newest iPads), Quick Touch speeds up mobile account access by a factor of 70 percent.

According to Maybank, more than 500,000 mobile balance inquiries are transacted in the average month. Cutting the PIN entry out of the process is a great convenience that the institution thought critical to provide to its customers.

Maybank Head of Community Financial Services Malaysia, Hamirullah Boorhan commented: “Given this large proportion, we felt it was critical to enhance our customer experience by offering our users speedier access to their accounts.”

Further to Maybank’s commitment to convenience, Maybank2u is also compatible with the Apple Watch.

Source: The Star Online

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)