Yoti Launches New Humanitarian Tech Support Programme

Yoti Launches New Humanitarian Tech Support Programme

Yoti is once again trying to use its technology for good with the launch of a new Humanitarian Tech Support Programme. Through the Programme, Yoti will lend its expertise to humanitarian organizations to enable them to develop and deploy technology solutions that better meet the needs of the people they are trying to help. 

The Programme is the latest demonstration of Yoti’s commitment to corporate responsibility. The socially conscious company recently launched a Fellowship Programme to explore digital identity in the developing world, and has already published two field diaries by Tshepo Magoma as part of the ongoing initiative. Magoma is one of Yoti’s three Digital Identity Fellows.

In announcing the Humanitarian Tech Support Programme, Yoti noted that many socially-oriented technology solutions may not be viable in the more remote areas of the world, and that many startups struggle because they fail to account for social context. Yoti believes that its experience and personnel can help humanitarian organizations bridge those cultural gaps.

The company is already putting its plan into motion, and has selected Lanterne as its first official Programme Partner. Lanterne is a for-profit business that is trying to use data to boost economic development. The company is applying machine learning to satellite imagery, online news feeds, and social media to gain a better understanding of conflict areas.

“Humanitarian and development problems are extremely complex, and we believe it’s always best to tackle them through thoughtful collaboration,” said Lanterne Co-Founder Alex Barnes.

“We have no doubt Yoti’s expertise, networks, and experience in innovation will be invaluable to us as we pursue our mission.”

Yoti is now searching for three more Partners to round out the Programme. The company is particularly interested in organizations that are leveraging some form of digital identity to manage a community and provide social services. There is no deadline for the rolling application process, and Yoti Head of Social Purpose Ken Banks will be the primary point of contact for companies that are chosen to participate in the Programme.