MedImpact Uses Nok Nok Labs’ Biometric Tech to Replace Physicians’ Passwords

vital biometrics and wearable techMedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. has announced plans to implement a biometric authentication system in its platform. The US-based pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company will use Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite to secure its Physician Access Portal with FIDO-ready fingerprint authentication.

MedImpact’s Physician Access Portal essentially provides medical practitioners with an easy-to-use digital means of accessing patients’ prescription histories. By introducing Nok Nok Labs’ authentication system – which leverages supported biometric fingerprint readers – MedImpact is both improving its platform’s security and improving ease-of-access by eliminating the need for complicated passwords. Moreover, it’s FIDO-ready, which means it adheres to the FIDO Alliance’s high security specification standards.

In a statement, Nok Nok Labs founder Ramesh Kesanupalli explained that because the company’s FIDO-ready technology “comes pre-installed on some Samsung smartphones and Lenovo laptops and is available as an app for iOS devices, MedImpact’s external user community can avoid the challenges typically associated with using high-security, multifactor authentication.” 

MedImpact Chief Information Officer John Treiman concurred, adding that by letting healthcare providers “use the fingerprint readers built in to devices they are already carrying around with them, we offer an easy path to adoption and fundamentally more secure and more convenient authentication mechanism.”