Meitu M6s Features FPC Biometrics

Meitu has once again used Fingerprint Cards technology for the biometric capabilities of its new smartphone, the Meitu M6s.

Meitu M6s Features FPC BiometricsIt’s a new iteration of the original Meitu M6, which launched earlier this year. That was Meitu’s first smartphone to feature a fingerprint sensor, and for the sequel (of sorts) it is sticking with the same model, an FPC1035 sensor.

The company can now be counted among FPC’s many other repeat customers, including companies such as OPPO, Gionee, 360, and Huawei, with the last having recently become the first smartphone maker to make use of FPC’s under glass sensor technology.

The new integration further underlines FPC’s success as a biometric sensor supplier for the mobile market, even as the company seeks to expand into new market areas going forward into what is expected to be another strong year for the company.