MeReal Biometrics Introduces New Chief Technology Officer

MeReal Biometrics Introduces New Chief Technology Officer

(image via MeReal Biometrics)

MeReal Biometrics has officially introduced its new Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Le Ouedec.

He actually came to the role quietly in July, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the smart cards industry. From 2008 to his switch to MeReal Biometrics, Le Ouedec served as Product Line Manager for UINT, a smart card developer and manufacturer based in France. And before that, starting in July of 2000, he worked for nCryptone, a company focused on acoustic smart card technology, as a Project Manager.

In announcing Le Ouedec’s appointment, MeReal Biometrics acknowledged that its biometric smart card is already in production, but explained that his role “is to manage the transformation of the MeReal Biometrics card to meet customer expectations, while seeking new markets and technological trends.” The company’s CEO, Philippe Blot, also noted that Le Ouedec worked on the biometric card’s “external research, development and manufacturing team” from the project’s outset, and thus “has the distinct advantage of knowing our technology intimately”.

While MeReal Biometrics is headquartered in Hong Kong, the company was founded by a Frenchman, and says the majority of its engineers are based in an office in Paris, with Le Ouedec now among them.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)