Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature Three: The Roundup

It is the last week of June and that means it’s time to bring Mobile Multi-Modal Month to a close. June has been a celebration of identity management diversity, one partaken with our sister site findBIOMETRICS.

Here are some of the things we talked about while we got excited about the sheer magnitude of the mobile identity industry:

A Celebration of Diversity

Any celebration of mobile identity has to start with a look at two things. First: What are the security factors that we talk about when strong authentication is on the table for discussion? Second: How do those factors combine with mobility, and what does that mean in the world of identity management?

At the outset of June we published a primer in conjunction with findBIOMETRICS to bring you two articles that answer both of those questions while providing enough background material to really familiarize you with what is going on in today’s authentication and mobility industries.

Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature One: The Primer

Multi-Modal Month – Week One: The Primer

Identity 2.0

The smartphone has become an icon for mobility and versatility. With our second Mobile Multi-Modal Month feature we took a step back to consider how our favorite gadgets are changing the very shape of our identities. The average smartphone is capable of providing biometric strong authentication with sensors, software and other invisible factors. Take a look and see why we’re turning into cyborgs and why that’s a good thing:

Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature 2: Your Next Generation Identity

Business As Usual

Just because we’re celebrating doesn’t mean the industry has stopped its persistent march into the mainstream. In June alone, Mobile ID World reported on a number of items concerning the growing popularity of mobile strong authentication, the new technologies responsible for this and how its affecting the world at large.

Here are some of the biggest on-theme industry news stories of Mobile Multi-Modal Month:

Biometrics To Be Mainstream on Mobiles and Wearables in 2015 Says Goode Intelligence

Infinity Platform From IdentityX Now Supporting Touch ID Biometrics

Apple Opens Touch ID to App Developers

MasterCard Financial Inclusion Initiative Driven By mCommerce and Biometric Technology

Biometric Shirt Brings New Meaning To Wearable Technology

Further Reading

Don’t want to say goodbye to Mobile Multi-Modal Month just yet? Lucky for you our sister site has been celebrating all through June too. Here are some of their articles, as part of findBIOMETRICS’s Mulit-Modal Month, that will appeal to Mobile ID World readers:

Multi-Modal Month – Week Two: The Power of Multiple Factors

Multi-Modal Month – Week 3: 4 Vertical Markets Ready For Multi-Factor

Pop Cultural Identity Management: X-Men – Part Two


With that we bring to a close our celebration of diversity in mobile identity management, but the conversation doesn’t have to end here. Have something to say about any of the above topics? Keep the conversation going on Twitter by using the hashtag #MIDWMonthly