Mobizent Orders NovaTeqni’s MobiCHKII Rugged Biometric Handhelds

Calgary-based NovaTeqni has been contracted to provide biometric technology for New Jersey-based enterprise mobile solutions provider Mobizent.

Mobizent Orders NovaTeqni's MobiCHKII Rugged Biometric HandheldsThe latter has ordered NovaTeqni’s MobiCHKII rugged biometric handheld devices, which use fingerprints and smart cards for authentication in the field. The companies say that Mobizent will market the MobiCHK devices in the US and in India, where biometric authentication is being widely popularized thanks to its Aadhaar national ID program. NovaTeqni, meanwhile, will assist with sales efforts through its presence in Africa.

The contract has also tasked NovaTeqni with the development of a device called ‘MobiCONNECT’. In a statement announcing the deal, the companies indicated that the devices will be aimed at “the Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Border Patrol, Corporate Security Operations, Event Security, Refugee Control as well as Health Care sectors.”

The companies say the MobiCHK and MobiCONNECT devices “are scheduled for roll-out” within about two months.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)