Next Moto X Could Have Heat Pipe, Fingerprint Sensor

Next Moto X Could Have Heat Pipe, Fingerprint Sensor

The next device in Motorola’s Moto X smartphone line will launch next year and will include a fingerprint scanner, according to new reports.

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but rumors are swirling that the device is also going to feature a Snapdragon 820 and a “heat pipe” to help manage the high heat levels produced by the processor. That would be a somewhat unusual feature for a prominent smartphone, though International Business Times points out a few other high-profile examples of smartphones that will reportedly feature heat pipes.

In any case, the other big upgrade—a fingerprint scanner—will not be unusual at all when the device launches next year. Over the last year fingerprint scanners have become almost standard features of high-end smartphones, and they are quickly becoming prominent at lower levels of the price range. Meanwhile, iris scanning, which is widely thought to be more accurate, seems to be on the rise, and that could make the new Moto X’s fingerprint scanner seem somewhat mundane by the time it launches.

Still, the feature won’t be any less necessary, especially for a flagship device from a company aiming to make a rebound in the market. It’s the kind of sophisticated technology needed for a really hot device.

Source: International Business Times