Cheaper Tech and Lenovo Rescue Offer Second Chance for Motorola

Biometrics To Be Mainstream on Mobiles and Wearables in 2015Lenovo has bought Motorola, and they’re really making a go of it, according to Forbes contributor Roger Kay. The Chinese computer company sealed the deal on its acquisition of Motorola Mobility this week, and despite Motorola’s operating losses of $1 billion, Lenovo has indicated that it has ambitious plans to turn the company around.
In a call with journalists and industry watchers, Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing and his team explained how the company is going to leverage its assets to find efficiencies in Motorola’s manufacturing, supply chain, and component purchasing, and explained that the Motorola brand will be used in tandem – and sometimes in concert – with Lenovo’s around the world to market a variety of the companies’ products.
Kay points out that smartphone giants Apple and Samsung have been losing market share to smaller companies such as Xiaomi, and that if you combine Lenovo’s and Motorola’s shipments together they would be firmly in third place for market share. Indeed, decreasing costs and technological advances are producing a glut of mobile phones, with even low-end smartphones starting to integrate advanced technology like fingerprint-scanning biometric security. As this trend continues, it does seem to offer opportunities for companies like Lenovo to revive previously established brands like Motorola’s.