Xolo Will Scan Your Fingerprints for Peanuts

Mobile Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometrics are making their way to smartphones like never before. Samsung, Apple and Huawei all have flagship mobiles with fingerprint sensors.

Indian smartphone company Xolo has introduced a new budget smartphone equipped with a fingerprint scanner, according to a Tech in Asia article by Samir Makwana. The company is aiming to undercut Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy with its Q2100, which is priced at about 219 USD.

Sporting a fingerprint scanner on its back, the Q2100 will allow access for up to three distinct fingers, and will also enable configuration with popular password management service Lastpass. It’s an interesting step in the mobile industry’s fast-moving integration of biometric security. Previously, Apple and Samsung smartphones have provided such security measures as have a handful of other OEMs, though these cases the developments have been quite recent – Apple’s Touch ID system, for example, was only introduced late last year. With its introduction into the budget smartphone market, biometric security technology is poised more than ever for widespread adoption by consumers.

Based in India’s New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, or “Noida”, Xolo is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2012. Nevertheless, it has been an energetic player in the market, developing the world’s first Intel-processor-equipped smartphone at its outset and later launching India’s first 4G smartphone, in 2013.