NEC Releases Network Connect Call Routing Solution

NEC Releases Network Connect Call Routing Solution

NEC America has released a new call routing solution for the enterprise. Dubbed Network Connect, the solution leverages the 46 Labs Communications telecom ecosystem to automatically route each call through the most affordable available carrier.

The Network Connect hub is compatible with hundreds of international voice carriers, and allows customers to take advantage of a slew of other features that are typically only available to those carriers. For instance, customers can use Network Connect to track performance metrics and evaluate their Quality of Service.

“For the first time, enterprise customers have visibility and control of their voice networks,” said NEC America Enterprise Sales and Marketing VP Joe Salisbury. “This solution not only comes at a wholesale cost savings; it eliminates the network vulnerability that comes from relying on a single-carrier.”

Network Connect offers wholesale pricing, with charges calculated to the minute without any rounding. NEC argues that the system will deliver cost savings as high as 30 percent, with customers that handle a high volume of calls standing to benefit the most. Companies will not need to adjust their day-to-day operations in order to take advantage of those savings.

“Working with NEC, we now have the world’s first system for connecting enterprises directly to the wholesale telecom market,” explained 46 Labs Chief Revenue officer Max Adams. “Because carriers compete on a call-by-call basis to earn your business, you’re always getting the best possible price and quality.”

Enterprises can purchase Network Connect on a per-port basis, and manage everything from a single consolidated dashboard. Any existing phone numbers can be integrated into the system.

In other NEC news, the company recently unveiled a face-based check-in system for hotel guests in Japan. In the meantime, Network Connect reflects the growing demand for voice routing solutions. For instance, Cerence has released a Cognitive Arbiter that directs voice requests to the right virtual assistant.