Nest Cam IQ Can Recognize Faces, Send Personalized Alerts

Nest Labs has announced a new smart home security camera that can recognize faces and deliver specific alerts to a user’s phone.

Nest Cam IQ Can Recognize Faces, Send Personalized AlertsIt’s called Nest Cam IQ, and it comes with some pretty advanced functionality right out of the box. If it detects a person in a user’s home, it can send an alert to the user, who can then watch what the person is doing remotely, with the device zooming in on the person’s face in a picture-in-picture, while also showing a wider view indicating how that person is moving through the home.

A subscription service called Nest Aware takes things further. Customers who sign up will see the benefits of Nest Cam IQ’s facial recognition technology, with the system able to identify familiar faces and to send personalized alerts to let the user know when, for example, her kids have returned home from school, or when an unfamiliar face has been detected. It can even alert the user when relevant audio – a person talking, for example – has been detected off-screen.

Nest isn’t the first company to offer this kind of solution, but it is perhaps the most prominent brand in the field, and thus could help to make this kind of smart home technology more mainstream as other big names like LG and Apple seek to bring intelligent AI solutions into the smart home.