New Agreements in Healthcare Sector are the Latest Signs of FacePhi’s APAC Expansion

New Agreements in Healthcare Sector are the Latest Signs of FacePhi's APAC Expansion

New agreements in the APAC sector offer the latest signs of progress for biometric authentication specialist FacePhi.

The agreements represent two prongs of a strategic effort. One is a partnership with NSSMART, a South Korean firm offering modernization services for the healthcare sector, while the second is NSSMART’s new agreement with a major South Korean hospital, which entails the deployment of facial recognition technology from FacePhi.

The aim is to let patients access services without having to present their healthcare cards or enter registration numbers at kiosks within the hospital. Instead, the patients will be identified through a face scan.

It’s a move that should help to improve the patient experience, but is primarily aimed at fighting fraud in the healthcare sector.

The news comes after FacePhi opened its first APAC subsidiary in South Korea last spring, suggesting that the company is starting to make headway in the market after establishing a strong presence in Spain and the LATAM region.

Commenting in a statement, FacePhi CEO Javier Mira said that with the new developments, “we are achieving one of our nearest main development goals,” adding later that FacePhi’s team has “high business expectations” for the APAC market.

NSSMART CEO Kim Jin-woo, meanwhile, suggested that the partnership could lead to further deployments beyond healthcare. “We will broaden the application fields of the facial recognition solution, not only in hospitals, but also at universities or any other place where ID verification may be required,” he said.

The developments also arrive on the heels of FacePhi’s posting of strong results for the 2019 fiscal year, and its debut on the Euronext Growth securities exchange.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)