New Olea Navigation System Raises Drones’ Situational Awareness

New Olea Navigation System Raises Drones' Situational Awareness

Olea Sensor Networks has released a new guidance system that improves the situational awareness of drones, robots, cars, and other autonomous machines that move without a human pilot. The lightweight OleaVision360 fits within a 4-inch square case and is small enough to attach to virtually any autonomous device.   

The system (which is still patent pending) was designed to address the limitations of GPS navigation. While most drones have computer systems that allow them to move from one GPS point to the next, they remain blind to trees, walls, and other environmental factors.

The OleaVision360 provides a hemispherical field of view that allows the drone to spot obstacles from as far as 20 meters away. After that, the precise system needs only a centimeter of clearance to move around those obstacles.

The sensor is able to identify different types of terrain to make landing easier. It can also distinguish living creatures from inanimate objects thanks to Olea’s Life Presence Detection, which was showcased at CES 2019 in January and has previously been pitched as a safety solution for people in motor vehicles.

Olea is offering OleaVision360 as an ideal solution for agriculture, construction, and other industries that need to carry out remote inspections. The system will be on display at the end of the month at Sensor Expo 2019 in San Jose.