New Partnership to Develop Wearables with Sweat Biometrics

New Partnership to Develop Wearables with Sweat BiometricsA Cincinnati-based company specializing in sweat biometrics has found a partner in the clothing market. Virginia-based CoreSyte will incorporate Eccrine Systems‘ electronic patches into its athletic wear, the companies have announced.

Eccrine Systems is a relatively new company, having been formed toward the end of 2013, and it specializes in an unusual form of biometrics. The company says it is working on “non-invasive, disposable, electronic patches that measure and transmit real-time data about human sweat.” Its technology is actually the product of research originally undertaken at both Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Cincinnati.

While Eccrine Systems paints a picture of advanced analysis of “physiological performance and dysfunction” through this technology, its partner CoreSyte is eager to clarify that the partnership will start with the essential function of helping athletes deal with heat-related health issues. In a statement, company president Scott Ackerman said their “short term goal is to dramatically reduce the occurrence of heat-related issues for athletes as they affect both safety and performance.” But that’s not to say there aren’t more ambitious plans in the works for the future. “Long-term we believe we can create a ‘human dashboard’ that will allow athletes at all levels to see what’s going on inside,” he added.

That kind of ambition is not unfounded. As the technology for wearables continues to advance, excitement around the market keeps growing, with other companies aiming to integrate different biometric sensors into everyday clothing. By focusing on this unusual niche, Eccrine and CoreSyte may be able to carve out their own niche ahead of the game.