New Report Helps Build Case for Mobile Biometric Security

Smartphone securityA new study from Javelin Strategy & Research indicates a worrying trend of consumer apathy towards security, and provides some validation for biometric security solutions. The report was sponsored by Nok Nok Labs, one of the found members of the FIDO Alliance biometrics industry regulator.

The report offers a number of insights, some less surprising than others. In the former camp is the conclusion that many users rely too much on reused and one-time passwords. More interesting is the finding that mobile device users like fingerprint-scanning security such as the TouchID system installed on all new Apple devices – a major validation of Apple’s embrace of such biometric security measures as it has moved forward with its Apple Pay digital wallet platform.

The study also found that iOS and Android users are at a greater risk of fraud, though in the latter case it’s largely because of malware while in the former case it’s because of the high incomes of iOS users.

The report offers further evidence in the case for biometric security as fraud follows commerce into the mobile sphere, and may also offer a boon to the growing biometrics market as mobile producers endeavour to meet consumers’ security expectations.