New Smart Card Readers Compatible with New Apple Devices

Fingerprint BiometricsPrecise Biometrics has unveiled three new products in its line of Tactivo smart card readers. The new readers will be compatible with the latest Apple mobile devices – the iPhone 6, the iPad mini 3, and the iPad Air 2.
The Tactivo readers are intended primarily for organizations whose employees handle sensitive information via mobile devices. They employ fingerprint-scanning biometric technology and smart card-readers to ensure a strong level of security for the their applications while maintaining a high degree of ease-of-access for users. There’s an increasing appetite for such security measures as companies increasingly see the growing risks of data breaches and the many advantages offered by biometric authentication measures – most notably the increased efficiency as employees no longer need to burden themselves with the archaic password process.
Event though all new Apple mobile devices feature built-in fingerprint scanners for user authentication, the spoof-able Touch ID security has left many wanting a higher level of assurance. There are many employers who will appreciate the added security offered by the Tactivos’ smart card scanners, and lots of employees who will appreciate being able to work on their Apple devices while on the job.