New WebMD iPhone App Uses Biometrics To Improve User Health Habbits

With the advent of consumer wearable technology well underway, users are about to have more ways to measure their vital biometrics than ever before. Both Apple and Samsung have taken recent steps to lay down the groundwork for innovative health applications, and all year Mobile ID World has been reporting on nifty new active-wear devices. Following in this vein, health information services provider WebMD has launched an iPhone app that is ready to take advantage of this flood of biometric data.

WebMD Health Target is an integrated health improvement program that can use data collected from biometric devices and offer relevant health tips to users looking to develop health-conscious habits. The app uses data pooled from activity trackers, wireless scales and glucose meters and promises contextually relevant info that is not just tailored to the user’s needs, but is physician reviewed.

Healthy Target is compatible with devices from Entra, Fitbit, UP by Jawbone and Withings, able to translate step, sleep, weight and blood glucose readings into custom health tips. It also can take advantage of the M7 chip in the iPhone 5S for motion biometrics.

Essentially, the new WebMD app combines biometric data collection with analytics so that users can make the best decisions based on functions that their body does automatically.

Dr. Michael Smith, chief medical editor at WebMD explains: “WebMD’s Healthy Target empowers consumers to make behavioral changes that can improve their physical and mental health. To achieve successful, sustainable behavioral change, consumers must learn how to track and manage the factors that contribute to healthy living.”

WebMD’s director of product management, David Ziegler, adds, “With more than 40% of consumers using mobile devices to access health information, the time is right for a mobile app that can help translate data into life-improving insights.”

Healthy Target is currently available through the App Store.