Newly Updated Android Malware is Hijacking Identities

Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Biometric Clothing and The Evil WithinA new, highly sophisticated malware called NotCompatible is hijacking handsets from around the world to engage in a variety of fraudulent activities. According to an article from BBC, the malicious piece of programming is the most sophisticated virus that mobile security firm Lookout has ever encountered.

The creators for NotCompatible have been operating for over two years, which according to Lookout is exceptional in and of its own right. Most malware campaigns last only a couple of weeks at most.

The current iteration of NotCompatible (version 3) is as sophisticated as the malware that attacks desktop PCs. It infects a phone and enrolls it in a network that is rented to crime groups in need of a large number of Android users to carry out cyber crime and fraud operations. Phones that have been compromised by NotCompatible are being used to send messages in spam campaigns, attack WordPress accounts and procure large amounts of event tickets in reselling rackets.

According to Jeremy Linden, a security analyst for Lookout who was quoted in the BBC article, the malware is being spread using the tried and true method of spam and malicious downloads.

The recent rewriting and improvement of NotCompatible serves as a healthy reminder to be ever vigilant while navigating this increasingly connected world we live in. When biometric security is not available, proper password practices are a must and caution should always be exercised when unnecessary downloads are being considered.