The Next Apple Watch, Face-Scanning TVs, and a ‘3D Map of the World’ in This Week’s Top Stories

The Next Apple Watch, Face-Scanning TVs, and a '3D Map of the World' in This Week's Top Stories

Mobile ID World readers were painted a picture of a brave new world driven by mobile tech and other IoT devices this week, suggests the latest collection of our most popular articles.

Consumer tech was top of mind, for good and ill. Starting with the good news, Apple is widely expected to launch a number of new flagship devices next month, and this week saw new evidence pointing to forthcoming devices in the company’s Apple Watch line of wearables:

Evidence Suggests New Apple Watch Devices to Launch Soon

Readers were also interested in a major TV maker’s plans to leverage AI and facial recognition technologies in making televisions “the IoT center of future households”:

China-based TV Maker Banks on R&D of Facial Recognition, AI, IoT Tech

For a darker picture of connected TV tech, meanwhile, there was the revelation of a newly discovered botnet targeting Android-based televisions and set-top boxes:

IoT Botnet Targets Android Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes

As for mobile tech, many were intrigued by the news that Huawei is reportedly in talks to bring a Russian mobile operating system to at least some of its devices, where it would presumably displace the popular Android OS:

Huawei Considering Switch from Android to Russia’s Aurora OS on Mobile Devices

Finally, a particularly futuristic-sounding collaboration between Qualcomm and a startup building “a 3D map of the world” understandably garnered some attention from Mobile ID World readers:

Qualcomm Teams with Startup Developing ‘3D Map of the World’