Raonsecure Partnership with Privakey to Extend FIDO Authentication in US

 “Imagine interacting with your bank where passwords are replaced with facial recognition, knowledge based questions are eliminated in the call center, and forms and documents can be completed conveniently on your phone with the backing of secure biometrics.” – Patrick Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer, Privakey

Raonsecure Partnership with Privakey to Extend FIDO Authentication in US

A new partnership with Philadelphia-based Privakey is poised to extend Raonsecure‘s presence in the North American market.

The American firm’s platform is designed to inject strong authentication into mobile apps, using push notifications to send ‘challenges’ to end users. Korea’s Raonsecure, meanwhile, is a heavy hitter in the APAC authentication market, and an important ally of the FIDO Alliance authentication standards body. The company was among the first batch of firms to attain FIDO2 certification for their authentication solutions this past September.

Thus the partnership could also prove influential in helping to spread the reach of FIDO’s strong authentication standards in the US.

Specific details of the Privakey-Raonsecure collaboration, however, are not yet clear. In a statement announcing their partnership, the firms said that it’s aimed at delivering “a combined technology solution to the North American market” that will bring to end users “exceptional experiences secured by asymmetric cryptography and enable the extension of biometric identification to many new touchpoints.” But as for the particulars of this joint solution, the companies say that they “plan to share more information in the coming weeks”.