NHL Chooses Wearable Biometrics To Detect Brain Trauma

iStock_BrainIt has become a hot topic in contact sports as of late: the long term effects of brain injury sustained by multiple concussions. In a proactive decision to better monitor players’ health, the NHL has adopted concussion evaluation and management software from X2 Biosystems.

The Integrated Concussion Evaluation (ICE) solution from X2 is a cloud-based application that is being used by all 30 national hockey teams. Using wearable biometric sensors and mobile friendly software, X2’s platform allows for traumatic brain injury to be spotted, monitored and responded to.

“A collaborative effort with the NHL’s medical leadership was key to the project’s success and allowed us to create an application specifically tailored to the league’s needs,” says Dr. Ed Mlinek, X2’s chief of clinical affairs. “The resulting application embodies the NHL’s specific medical protocols and can be further customized as the league’s concussion protocols continue to evolve.”

In a press release announcing this partnership, X2 Biosystems also stated that it is currently in the process of working with other sports organizations including the NFL to improve player health and safety.

Traumatic brain injury is also a problem plaguing law enforcement and military personnel who are exposed to concussive blasts among other types of head-related violence. Wearable tech and biometrics are being applied more frequently in order to understand a person’s exposure to brain injury so that the proper measures can be taken.