MWC Shanghai: NTT Docomo Can Serve as Example to Industry: CEO

Major Japanese MNO NTT Docomo can serve as an example to its peers, its CEO says. Not quite so bombastic in his actual choice of words, Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, speaking at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, said his company’s revenues are “trending five to ten years ahead of our global peers,” concluding that “our performance can serve as an indicator for our industry.”

Smartphones, mobility, FeatureYoshizawa credited the company’s success to a few major areas of focus: Advancing its services offerings, working with partners, and reinforcing its network. With respect to that last area, NTT Docomo is currently working to bring its LTE network up from 375MB per second to 500 by next March, with plans for 5G in the works; and with respect to partners, the company has proven innovative in finding shared opportunities with organizations in retail, transportation, and other sectors.

Improving services and related offerings is perhaps the trickiest effort, but NTT Docomo has proven itself an innovator. In addition to the music, video, and magazine content offered through its ‘Dmarket’ platform and highlighted by Yoshizawa, the MNO has also been pioneering in bringing new security technologies to its customers, as is clearly demonstrated in its debut last year of the world’s first iris-scanning smartphone, which was followed soon after by another smartphone incorporating Delta ID’s biometric technology. Docomo also worked with the FIDO Alliance, of which it’s a board member, to bring strong biometric online authentication to its iOS users via Touch ID earlier this year.

These advances in security highlight Docomo’s commitment to its customers, not only in terms of bringing them new services and technologies, but also with respect to keeping their data safe.