Nuance Brings Automated Speech Forensics to Security Suite Platform

Nuance Communications has deepened the behavioral biometrics technology of its Security Suite, adding a sophisticated new feature called ConversationPrint along with other AI-powered upgrades.Nuance Brings Automated Speech Forensics to Security Suite Platform

While Nuance’s voice recognition technology already enjoys considerable renown, its decision to augment the technology with highly sophisticated behavioral biometrics should help to make Security Suite a particularly powerful means of customer identification and fighting fraud. ConversationPrint is the standout new feature, and is based on the kind of linguistic forensics that helped catch the Unabomber: Splicing snippets of speech into text files, the system assesses things like vocabulary and sentence structure to find patterns that are unique to individuals, a technology that Nuance calls “a true industry first” in a statement announcing the upgrades.

Meanwhile, the platform also employs more standard behavioral biometrics like analysis of how a user types or holds a smartphone to further refine the user profile, and additional features like “ANI ID” and “Device ID” look at things like meta data and device type information to further flesh out the picture. There is even a “Synthetic ID” feature designed to detect speech produced by software.

It’s a comprehensive anti-fraud solution for calls, in other words, and one that arrives after Nuance announced it was seeing a ‘biometric boom’ in its voice authentication business earlier this year. The Security Suite’s technological upgrades should help to carry that boom further and may even amplify it as more organizations seek to take advantage of biometric and AI-driven security solutions.