Nuance Mix NLU Platform To Support Dragon TV

Nuance Communications has announced that its Nuance Mix NLU developer platform will offer support for its Dragon TV solution this summer.

Nuance Mix NLU Platform To Support Dragon TVThe move will allow developers with TV OEMs and cable companies to use Nuance Mix tools to create custom Dragon TV interfaces, with the end result being smart TV systems based on voice interaction. Moreover, these systems can be integrated with other smart home technologies, allowing a user to command her TV to show her a live video feed from a connected home security system to see who is at the front door, for example.

In a statement announcing the move, Nuance highlighted the growing importance of voice interaction in home theater systems, with Nuance Devices and Ecosystem VP Kenn Harper asserting that almost 75 percent of its end users opt to use the technology when it’s available. “Voice will have a similar impact on the Smart Home as conversational interactions are key to user adoption among the Internet of Things,” he added.

Nuance isn’t alone in envisioning such a future, with major companies like Google and Amazon also investing heavily in their own voice interaction technologies, largely in anticipation of the emerging IoT. For its part, Nuance will show off its Dragon TV and Nuance Mix solutions at this week’s INTX Internet & Television Expo.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)