NXP Announces Security Chip for Google’s IoT Cloud Service

NXP Announces Security Chip for Google's IoT Cloud Service

NXP Semiconductors has announced a new security solution for the Internet of Things.

Dubbed the “A71CH”, it’s an authentication chip designed for integration into IoT devices, in which it will sign a secure token for validation by Google’s Cloud IoT Core networking service. The device’s credentials are “pre-injected” into the authentication solution, while public keys are sent to the end user through NXP’s web-based interface.

In a statement announcing the solution, Google Cloud IoT Head of Product Antony Passemard explained that the A71CH “makes it easy for developers to add a strong identity encryption and access control.” NXP IoT security solutions director Philippe Dubois, meanwhile, said the solution “aims to solve scalability and complexity issues commonly associated with securing and managing edge devices” in the IoT. “We’re happy to see Google Cloud embrace and encourage security in next-generation devices,” he added.

It’s a solution that could prove appealing to OEMs as the Internet of Things ecosystem continues to blossom, unfurling new security vulnerabilities as it goes. And given that NXP Semiconductors is one of the world’s top AI chipset makers, the IoT security solution comes with a high degree of brand recognition, so far as such OEM customers are concerned.