Oberthur Technologies Launches Gaurdialys Convergence: Biometric Access Solution

As further proof that the intersection of mobility and biometrics are becoming increasingly entwined, digital security solutions provider Oberthur Technologies announced the launch of Guardialys Converges today. An access control solution range designed for corporate environments, Guardialys secures physical places and data simultaneously while adhering to a strong authentication standard.

Usually physical and logical access control are treated separately,these are two separate paradigms: the tangible and the digital. What Guardalys brings to the corporate market is – as its name explicitly implies – a convergence of these security ideas. Bringing together the infrastructure and smart devices (tokens, smartcards, microSD, etc.), middleware, training and education, support and maintenance, what is happening with Guardalys is the offering up of accessible access control.

Oberthur is offering four Guardalys packages, curated to serve the needs of a corporation in a number of scenarios. Suffixed with Entry, QT, HT and PIV, each of the four Guardalys Convergence packages is designed as easy to use, deploy and maintain, Oberthur promising that it will adapt to existing security architecture.

“By implementing the latest technologies such as biometric match-on-card and elliptic curves, this solution ensures the highest level of security while remaining easy to implement and use” says Olivier Prestel, managing director of the identity business unit at Oberthur. “Based on a PKI scheme and protected in smart devices, the employee’s identity can be interfaced with any physical access system in place, and by following all the existing standards, most software and IT environment will be easily secured”.

Oberthur Technologies is not only an access control company, it has also made big splashes in the mCommerce arena. Recently the company took home an Emerging Payments SESAMES Award at CARTES America for its Omni-channel Wallet solution.