mCommerce Month – Week 1: The Primer

All throughout May at Mobile ID World, as part of mCommerce Month, we will be turning our focus towards the next generation of payment solutions.

Also known as mobile commerce, mCommerce is a broad term referring to any sort of financial transaction performed with a mobile device. Because of the sensitive nature associated with personal financial information, strong authentication and identity solutions are a critical component in fully realizing the secure and convenient future enabled by mCommerce.

Paying With Your Smartphone

Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, made a huge impact in the area of mCommerce when it was released in April. The mobile device not only features an embedded fingerprint sensor, but that biometric feature can enable PayPal transactions.

This is not the only example of Pay-With-Your-Phone technology. Mobile ID is enabling payments to be authenticated using a number of different factors and innovations in NFC technology are promising physical payments via mobile device in the near future.

The following links will give you a good foundation in regards to what’s currently available and what lies on the horizon for this holy grail of consumer mobile ID:

PayPal Is First Global Payment Company To Support Galaxy S5 Biometrics

Apple Gets Ready to Take a Bite Out of mCommerce

Paying With Your Phone – Trend Expert Puts mCommerce Under The Spotlight

Voice Biometrics Protecting Mobile Wallets Thanks to ValidSoft

Marketing Matters

A smartphone is a device that keeps customers connected to the companies that serve them. When users can use their phones to purchase from retailers, restaurants and online services things start to get really fun. Value added services like mobile coupons, time sensitive deal based on customer location and more than enough demographic data for fine tuning the customer experience.

Here is what is happening in the world of mCommerce marketing:

Mobile Money Set To Change Marketing

Power To The Business People: Acquires Appixia To Encourage mCommerce

Oberthur and Ingenico Showcase The NFC Future of Coupons

Mobility Behind Groupon’s Decision to Acquire Ticket Monster

Banking Transactions

mCommerce isn’t just about shopping. Mobile banking is equally as important. When the smartphone becomes the primary method that people interact with their finances, transaction and account management platforms need to be just as secure as the solutions linked to above.

The following articles will give you a good idea of what technology is making it easier and more secure to bank from your phone.

AGNITiO Partners With Dictao, Offers Voice iD Powered Mobile Banking to Commercial Enterprises

Eyeprints To Protect Mobile Banking Transactions

Voice Biometric Credit Card Protection Added To U.S. Bank Mobile App Pilot

Mobile Wallets

Tablets and smartphones aren’t the only devices bringing mobile money to the masses. A number of digital wallets are slated to find their way into the back pockets of the world by the end of 2014.

The links below will give you a look at the mCommerce technology that aims to replace the old fashioned pocket book.

Rise of the Digital Wallets: Where Do We Draw The Line Between Security and Convenience?

Smart Cards: Fingerprint Cards and SmartMetric Protect Digital Wallet With Biometrics

The Mobile Experience

It isn’t easy to change the way people pay for what they need. There is a lot more than just technology, security and convenience behind the mCommerce movement.

These last links spotlight the philosophy that is successfully driving the mobile commerce movement from the drawing board to the fingertips of end users everywhere.

The End User Experience: Fine Art Buyers Flock To mCommerce Platform Wondereur

Fulfilling The Mobile Promise – Interview With Brett Beranek, Solutions Marketing Manager, Enterprise Division at Nuance Communications

Money2020: The Opening Keynote – Mobility, Innovation and the Current State of Commerce


Stay posted to Mobile ID World through the rest of May as we dig deeper into this popular topic. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #MIDWMonthly to keep the conversation going.