OneLogin Study Highlights Ireland’s Bad Password Habits

OneLogin Study Highlights Ireland's Bad Password Habits

OneLogin is taking a closer look at Ireland’s password habits as it celebrates the opening of its new EMEA headquarters in Dublin. The company commissioned a YouGov study that polled 1,000 Irish adults, and found that a large portion (39 percent) of the Irish population is still using the same password that they were using 12 months ago. A full 20 percent of the respondents have not updated their primary password in the past two years, while five percent can’t even remember the last time they changed their password.

According to the study, Irish adults selected Captcha (31 percent) as the most annoying form of digital security. One-time passcodes placed a distant second (17 percent). In comparison, security measures like physical devices (including smart cards), security questions, and biometrics were only moderately annoying, coming in at 12, 11, and five percent, respectively.

OneLogin also found that 27 percent of the respondents wrote their passwords on a piece of paper, while 24 percent stored them on a phone or a computer and 16 percent used a password manager like OneLogin.

“Today’s OneLogin research demonstrates a growing awareness of the dangers of cybercrime, and points to an opportunity for Irish organisations and individuals to take a more stringent approach to their professional and personal online security,” said OneLogin EMEA Head Elle Lathrop.

The new Dublin office will operate under Lathrop’s direction, and will be expected to drive sales and provide customer service throughout the EMEA region. The company is particularly keen to expand is enterprise portfolio, and has recently released several new products with that in mind. Vigilance AI and Smart Factor Authentication debuted in September, and were preceded by the debut of the cloud-based Desktop Pro for Windows in July.

OneLogin hopes to expand the Dublin office to 30 employees before the end of 2020.