OneSpan Raises Consumer Awareness Through Partnership with Square Enix

OneSpan Raises Consumer Awareness Through Partnership with Square Enix

OneSpan has released a new case study that summarizes its ten years of history with Square Enix. The Japanese video game developer had previously integrated OneSpan’s Digipass G06 as a two-factor authentication solution for online gaming accounts in an effort to combat fraudulent takeovers.    

At the time, Square Enix was the first game studio to implement two-factor authentication in Japan, and the experiment was an overwhelming success. Digipass did indeed reduce the amount of fraud on Square Enix’s platforms, and it also made customers more knowledgeable about common threats to digital security.  

“User awareness of fraud access has changed significantly,” said Kenji Ishiwata, Square Enix’s Senior Manager of Online Business Promotion. “The customers have an understanding that it is common and their responsibility to prevent their account from being hacked.”

Digipass proved to be particularly popular with Square Enix fans, largely because the developer was able to customize the hardware authenticators with characters from Square Enix franchises like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Square introduced hardware-based security tokens in 2009, and then expanded the program to offer software tokens via smartphones in 2013.

OneSpan (formerly known as VASCO) has since upgraded Digipass with selfie authentication and expanded its portfolio with a range of mobile security options. Earlier this year, the company launched a risk analytics platform designed for the financial services sector, and has worked to educate consumers about the limits of password-based security.  

The latest case study demonstrates that those efforts are making an impact as consumers take a greater interest in their own digital security.