VASCO Announces DIGIPASS Selfie Authentication System

iStock_selfieAuthentication and digital signature specialist VASCO has announced a new biometric authentication solution for mobile devices. Called DIGIPASS for Apps Face Recognition, it’s a new feature within the DIGIPASS for Apps SDK that lets users verify their identities via smartphone selfies.

To enroll, a user takes multiple selfies, enabling the system to create a biometric template. From then on, it’s just a matter of snapping a selfie in order to authenticate, with the system also offering device identification and geolocation as additional parameters for added security.

In a statement announcing the system VASCO President and COO Jan Valcke emphasized its utility for financial services institutions, but also suggested its wide range of applications more generally, calling it “an ideal solution for organizations focused on reducing fraud losses by improving security while also improving the customer experience.”

The system arrives at a time when major financial services companies like MasterCard are intensively exploring facial recognition solutions for mobile authentication, and as such could prove popular for a range of organizations unable to develop such systems in-house. Moreover, VASCO has the added credibility of being a FIDO Alliance board member, which could also open the door to many potential clients and partners.