Onfido, Berbix & Checkr Collaborate on Identity Verification Solution

Onfido, Berbix & Checkr Collaborate on Identity Verification Solution

Onfido and Berbix are partnering with Checkr to create an all-in-one background check and identity verification platform. The new solution is called Checkr Connect IDV, and it will blend Onfido’s selfie authentication tech with Berbix’s photo ID verification tech to match a face to an ID and confirm the identities of candidates during the hiring process.

“Traditional anti-fraud methods are falling behind the capabilities of sophisticated bad actors,” said Checkr Product VP Lydia Varmazis. “We designed Checkr Connect IDV to make it simple for our customers to add identity verification into their hiring workflows, allowing them to elevate their trust and safety programs.”

The goal is to make sure that potential employees are who they say they are, especially given the high rates of identity theft in the US. With Checkr Connect IDV, employers will be able to perform a Checkr background check with confidence that the candidate’s identity matches the information submitted on a job application.

“Identity verification and background checks are becoming increasingly important in our digital society and an essential step for every company that wants to grow its customer base or workforce,” added Onfido Co-Founder and CEO Husayn Kassai

The news continues Onfido’s recent hot streak, with the company having established itself as one of the world leaders in anti-fraud technology. The company recently raised $50 million in VC funding, and has also provided INTERPOL with fraud detection training.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)