Online Gaming Platform Looks to Jumio to Automate Customer Onboarding

GVC Holdings, an electronic gaming operator, is going to take advantage of Jumio‘s ID verification technology for player onboarding, the companies have announced.Online Gaming Platform Looks to Jumio to Automate Customer Onboarding

Customer verification is a critical matter for GVC. The company doesn’t offer Angry Birds-type gaming services, but rather the online gambling variety, with brands in its portfolio like ‘Partypoker’ and ‘Casino Club’. As such, it has to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations, and to that end it’s going to leverage Jumio’s Netverify solution, which uses facial recognition and document reading to verify the identities of end users who upload selfies and pictures of their ID documents to the platform. The automated system will reduce GVC’s customer authentication turnaround from 24 hours to under two minutes, the companies say.

As GVC Holdings COO Shay Segev explains in a statement announcing the collaboration, KYC and AML compliance is a crucial aspect of establishing trust and security for GVC’s platform, “but manually verifying the identity of every new customer is time-consuming and hampered with excessive friction (that increases abandonment rates).” Jumio, he says, will allow GVC “to deliver a seamless onboarding process for new customers without sacrificing online security or side-stepping compliance requirements.”

The news comes soon after Sweden-based mobile gambling platform provider LeoVegas announced it would leverage Face ID authentication for iPhone X users logging into its app – another case of mobile biometrics being used to add security to such a platform. Those two cases probably don’t make a trend, but it’s certainly the case that Jumio has seen a major uptick in business as a range of organizations embrace its biometric customer verification solution, and it’s a strong bet that this enthusiasm will continue.