WISeKey Integrates SuisseID Into WISeCoin Wallet

WISeKey has integrated QuoVadis SuisseID Digital Identity into its WISeCoin Wallet, allowing it to offer the SuisseID Signing Service in the platform. The service is designed to create legally binding e-signatures, and brings to the WISeCoin Wallet a Know Your Customer component.WISeKey Integrates SuisseID Into WISeCoin Wallet

That’s important for the WISeCoin Wallet, which is designed to offer users a private key that can be used to make contactless cryptocurrency transactions via NFC. The private key is activated by the WISeCoin Wallet every time a blockchain transaction is made.

The integration carries particular significance in Switzerland, where WISeKey is based. As the company explained in a statement, SuisseID is the only digital ID recognized in the by Swiss government authorities, though there are currently discussions to establish another digital ID program called ‘SwissID’; and QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG, WISeKey’s managed services company, has been an issuer of SuisseID since 2010.

Going forward, WISeKey QuoVadis says it will seek to extend its qualifications as a certified identity provider as the new SwissID program comes into effect, which is anticipated for around 2020.