CommonSpirit Health at Home Ensures Chronic Patients Receive Quality Care During COVID-19

CommonSpirit Health at Home Ensures Chronic Patients Receive Quality Care During COVID-19

CommonSpirit Health at Home is expanding the scope of its remote patient monitoring platform to reduce the strain on public health infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Health at Home can help people with COVID-19, it is primarily geared towards at-risk individuals and patients with chronic health conditions who are avoiding urgent care centers and foregoing regular treatment to reduce their risk of exposure.

To that end, CommonSpirit is introducing a mobile app, a voice platform, and a tablet to improve its remote patient monitoring services. The platform is able to track a patient’s vital signs, and will send reminders to make sure people are taking their medication at the proper intervals. CommonSpirit also offers a medication delivery service, which allows patients to keep to their schedule without needing to break social distancing to make a trip to the pharmacy.   

According to CommonSpirit, Health at Home will ensure that people with chronic conditions continue to receive quality care during (and after) the pandemic. The app uses patient surveys and voice calls to detect the progression of symptoms and respond more quickly if something does go wrong.   

“Health at Home is going to play a key role in preventing a post-COVID surge at care sites,” said CommonSpirit Health at Home President and CEO Dan Dietz. “We worked quickly to roll out our expanded tele-monitoring tools knowing that our normal methods of care would need to change. Now we can provide our patients and their loved ones with the peace of mind that their care can continue virtually and be safely managed while they are separated.”

CommonSpirit Health at Home currently provides care for 140,000 patients in 10 states. It is one of the many healthcare providers that has highlighted its remote monitoring services in the past few weeks, with companies like BioIntelliSense, AMC Health, and Vivify also working to improve their telehealth capabilities in the midst of the pandemic.