Opus Research Heralds Ascent of Voice-Based User Interface

A new report from Opus Research is heralding the rise of natural speech as the key user interface for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” emerging with the Internet of Things.

Opus Research Heralds Ascent of Voice-Based User InterfaceSpecifically, the report focuses on Artificial Solution’s Teneo Platform, an AI system based on voice interaction with the user, as its main case study. But the ascent of such systems can already be seen in the growing sophistication – and use – of systems like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Numerous companies are investing heavily in these kinds of interfaces, with Samsung reportedly planning a splashy new offering for its next flagship smartphone.

What’s more, some, like Apple with its Siri, are already experimenting with speaker recognition. That means the user interface itself could soon become the primary avenue for user authentication, using voice biometrics to grant access to apps and sensitive data without any extra input or effort from the user.

With voice-based AI assistants currently “conditioning individuals to put more trust in conversational technologies”, according to Opus Research, that could mean considerably more convenience and security for users as the technology continues to advance.