Over a Million JP Morgan Chase Customers Use Apple Pay

Apple PayOver a million JP Morgan Chase customers are using Apple Pay, reports Mikey Campbell in an article for AppleInsider. The news comes by way of the company’s 2015 Investor Day, in which it went over various data pertinent to its credit card operations.

Explaining the strong provision numbers, Chase Card Services CEO Eileen Serra noted that the company was an early adopter of the mobile payment service, noting, “We do continue to see good growth in the number of consumers that are provisioning Chase cards in their Apple Pay wallet.” She added, “As more merchants adopt, I would expect to see more traction here, as well.”

It’s good news for Apple, which has pioneered the Apple Pay mobile commerce service in part by securing it with the fingerprint-scanning Touch ID system found on all of its new mobile devices. But its also good news for the company’s mCommerce rivals, indicating that mCommerce as a concept is increasingly being embraced by mainstream consumers, creating potential converts to their own services.

Apple has a strong lead, though, and continues to gain credibility and establish critical partnerships. This month the American federal government announced that it would support Apple Pay for a range of transactions with citizens, and it looks like there may be an impending partnership between Visa Europe and Apple as Apple Pay rolls out in Europe.