Partnerships Aplenty in This Week’s Top Mobile ID Stories

Partnerships Aplenty in This Week's Top Mobile ID Stories

This week’s top stories on Mobile ID World are all about partnerships.

The first is a bit of an unwitting one. In addition to launch a slate of new devices, Apple announced this month that it had upgraded its iOS mobile operating system to support both read and write NFC communications, opening the door for third parties to take greater advantage of this wireless technology. And Yubico has done just that, appointing itself as Apple’s big new unofficial authentication partner:

Apple’s NFC Update Enables YubiKey Authentication

In the world of payments, meanwhile, Zwipe and G+D Mobile Security announced a partnership that will see the development of an unspecified “biometric payment device”:

Zwipe, G+D Team Up On ‘Biometric Payment Device’

A partnership in the emerging 5G sector, meanwhile, delivered news of the latest important milestone in the development of this cellular technology. Ericsson and Qualcomm have succeeded in testing a standalone 5G data connection:

Ericsson and Qualcomm Complete Successful Test of Standalone 5G Connection

On a completely different note, a partnership between online gaming platform Lottoland and biometric authentication specialist IDnow also piqued reader interest this week:

IDnow Provides Identity Verification Services for Lottoland Gaming Platform

And speaking of biometric authentication, Yoti once again found itself in the spotlight thanks to a partnership with ForgeRock. The company, which specializes in selfie-driven biometric authentication, has a new app for ForgeRock’s Backstage platform:

Yoti Expands Reach Through ForgeRock Partnership


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