Passbase Launches Codeless Biometric Onboarding Solution

Passbase has launched a new biometric authentication solution to help organizations that are trying to update their digital security practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s web-based platform utilizes facial recognition with 3D liveness detection to compare an image of a customer to the image on an official government ID.

Passbase Launches Codeless Onboarding Solution

In that regard, the technology is comparable to similar identity verification offerings from companies like Yoti and Onfido. However, Passbase is being pitched as a completely codeless solution, which is to say that companies will not need any programming expertise to deploy the platform. Instead, they will be able to use the Passbase dashboard to set a custom link using a[company] format that their own customers will be able to follow to complete a secure identity verification process.

“As digitization accelerates due to COVID-19, more companies are looking to identity verification to create growth and user trust,” said Passbase Co-Founder and CEO Mathias Klenk. “Our goal is to become the trust layer of the internet and develop a service that is intuitive to use and increases the trust between companies and users online.”

Passbase is compatible with more than 6,000 different identity documents from over 190 countries around the world. The company also offers an Anti-Money Laundering solution that draws on more than 10,000 unique data sources.

In addition to setting up a link, Passbase clients will be able to use the dashboard to customize their identity verification process and deliver something that reflects the look and feel of their own brand. The solution is available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices and web browsers.   

Passbase claims that its customer base has jumped 300 percent in the past three months, making it one of the many organizations that has observed both rising rates of fraud during the pandemic and a growing interest in solutions that can mitigate that threat. According to Passbase, interest has been particularly high in TeleMedicine and in other industries that have had to adapt to a remote work environment.

June 24, 2020 – by Eric Weiss