Passwords are ‘Weak and Crap’: Symantec

Passwords are 'Weak and Crap': SymantecIT security specialist Symantec is preparing new tools to help replace the password, the company has announced. Calling password security “weak and crap” at a media event, Symantec executive Nick Savvides outlined what the company has in the works for 2016.

One of the company’s key moves will be to upgrade its Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) platform with a new system called VIP Everywhere, which Savvides suggested would use multiple sophisticated technologies for continuous authentication. These could include behavioral analytics, app-based telemetry, and machine learning systems. Savvides added that the system will be integrated into Norton security packages, bringing unique Semantec identifiers to PCs using the software. Savvides said that Symantec is also working on an all-in-one security solution for mobile apps called mobile application protection services, or MAPS.

While Savvides did not elaborate on what specific security measures would be used in each of these new offerings, he pointed in general at biometric modalities, geolocation, and cryptography among those other technologies listed above. Given Symantec’s experience in location-based authentication and biometric identification for e-prescription applications, there’s good reason to expect more of these kinds of advanced technologies in its VIP and MAPS offerings next year.

Source: ZDNet