Pei Wei Chooses Apple Pay Way

Pei Wei Chooses Apple Pay WayApple Pay is now being accepted at Pei Wei restaurants throughout the US. Having trialed the service at 16 locations in Arizona last month, the company went all in this week, with almost 200 restaurants across the US now accepting payments from the mPayment platform.

It’s another win for Apple’s mPayment service, and every little victory is important as the company tries to shore up support before rival platforms launch. PayPal, for example, has been moving aggressively into the mPayment space this year as it has branched off from eBay into its own independent company, with a deal enabling PayPal mPayments in Subway sandwich shops having recently been announced. Meanwhile, rivals like Samsung and Google are preparing for the launch of their own mPayment platforms.

Apple therefore faces an imperative to make sure its own pioneering platform is as entrenched as possible once its rivals really enter the ring. But it isn’t yet clear how much success the company has to build on. Apple has been reticent about revealing official numbers on the use of its mPayment service, and while some market analysts believe it is growing steadily, others are suggesting it is a major flop, with only a tiny proportion of iPhone users actually using the service (An iPhone is required in order to use Apple Pay).

Either way, Apple will be keen to defend whatever turf it has, and this latest victory bolsters its strength.

Source: Apple Insider