Pivotal Payments Offers Android Pay Support

Pivotal Payments Offers Android Pay SupportPivotal Payments, a provider of payment technologies for business, has announced its support for the recently launched Android Pay mPayment system. The development means that any merchants using Pivotal Payments technology will be able to accept smartphone purchases via Android Pay.

The key to Pivotal Payments’ support is its offerings’ NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, which allow for contactless payments via NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones. It’s the same technological basis as that of the Apple Pay mPayment platform, and merchants need NFC readers in place in order to process these payments. Additionally, Pivotal Payments offers point-to-point encryption (P2PE), further enhancing the security and speed of payments.

In a press release, Google Product Management Director Pali Bhat pointed to the tangible benefit of Pivotal Payments’ support, noting that consumers “will now be able to use their Android device to pay at more than one million stores in the US and we’re adding more every day.”

While the support will certainly help to spread Android Pay, the platform may still be hindered in its competition against Samsung Pay with its requirement of NFC readers on the part of merchants, a drawback that it shares with Apple Pay. Samsung Pay uses unique technology allowing users to make contactless smartphone payments even at regular swipe-based payment terminals, which stand to make it the most widely accepted mPayment platform in the US when it launches next week.